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Property Postcards
Available in two sizes

Generic house photo postcard 
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1 House photo postcard 
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1 House photo postcard 
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3 House photo postcard 
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Each card back features your photo, logo and contact information
Welcome to the Property Marketing Toolbox ... This toolbox was developed to help us create shared marketing materials to promote our services and build our businesses together. These tools may be used to promote your listings and sales through these professional postcard designs. Through this website, you can customize your marketing materials to mail either to your farming list or a selected neighborhood using the list selection feature on the site. Your farming list may be uploaded by you at no charge. The postcard cost includes product design, personalization, printing, postage and mailing.

Joint Advertising
By sharing advertising resources, individual costs are reduced and business is developed more effectively. This toolbox has been developed by The Personal Marketing Company, (TPMCO) a national provider of marketing solutions for more than 30 years. Together, we can create unique marketing materials to obtain leads and new business referrals.

Thank you
Thank you for selecting us to partner with you to build our businesses together. Additional products will be added to this site periodically. Please visit us regularly to explore the additional possibilities for promoting our businesses!